Vadim Belyaev shares: Washington Post features a new coronavirus vaccine shot ad campaign:

‘It’s Up to You’

The campaign, overseen by the Ad Council, is billed as one of the largest public education efforts in U.S. history.

For tens of millions of Americans still unsure about taking coronavirus vaccine shots, advertising industry experts and government scientists have a new message: “It’s Up to You.”

That message and accompanying ad campaign — shaped by months of consumer research and backed by more than $50 million in donated funds — is to be unveiled Thursday across TV and digital video, social media and audio platforms like Pandora and Spotify. It also will include messaging tailored toward Black and Hispanic communities, where studies have found a lack of trust about the coronavirus vaccines and their long-term effects. The ads and related events will feature celebrities, scientists and members of the faith community.

The campaign — the first concerted effort urging Americans to get vaccinated against the novel coronavirus — will further encourage those skeptical of the vaccines to visit a new website,, for the latest information on the safety and availability of vaccines.

Read the entire Washington Post article and se the video clip here:

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